August 2010: Arrival at Hong Kong

This is the first post of a series of 12, reviewing the first year in Hong Kong. And it has to start with August 2010, the month of our move to Hong Kong. Our trip started on August 25 in Düsseldorf, after two months of preparation and excitement.

On the 26th August, 2010 we arrived at Hong Kong after a long trip with Emirates over Dubai and a pick-up stop in Bangkok. It was already late afternoon when Mariko’s colleague Peter met us at the airport and took us to our “home to-be” for the next three years.

Our first impression of the flat? To be honest: we were shocked! It was full with dark stinky old furniture and the smell of mold was everywhere.

The last 4 days of August, which were the first 4 days of our Hong Kong stay, we spend cleaning the flat and buying the most important technological achievements of mankind to survive in a hot town: washing machine, vacuum cleaner, aircon.

How to find my way to AVA

While Mariko was engaged with finding her way to the Academy of Visual Arts and from there back home, Marcel went to the inspection of our container filled with our belongings of 200 boxes at the customs. We have to take this customs inspection as a special honor, as we were told that only 1% of containers arriving in Hong Kong get this special treatment (which meant scanning 20 boxes, opening 20 boxes and rearranging all of them into another truck).

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