October 2010: Marcel back to Germany & Mariko alone at HK home.

Only one month in HK. One month in which Marcel handled the daily chaos, while Mariko had to get used to a new job, new teaching language and new students. After this month, Marcel started traveling. First to Germany for two weeks (for the marriage of his brother), then to Singapur (for work). This was Marcel’s kick-off of collecting milages and covering the pages of his passport with stamps. One special event at the Academy of Visual Arts was the Information Day, for which Mariko designed a brochure.

Very little time for sightseeing – but the 10000 Buddha temple, located right around the corner in Shatin, offered the perfect opportunity for a spontaneous visit. Tommy (a German neighbor and partner of another German professor living in the same complex) and Marcel walked up the many steps from Shatin Central (right behind the Shatin IKEA building) to the monastery – guarded by golden buddhas all along the way up.

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