Three days at Hong Kong without internet

Marcels and my third day in Hong Kong is almost over. We had three days without connection to internet, three days without laptop and three days full with new impressions.

During this time we tried to fix our daily life. We opened a bank account, ordered two air conditioners, one washing mashine, one vacuum cleaner and the access to internet. Everything is so different to Germany and it is devastating not to know the hierarchy to be maintained. Two times, we failed to get an appointment at the immigration center to apply for the HK ID Card. The consequence is, we can not order an iPhone.

One good news: our container arrived in HK. The very bad news: our container will be inspected. So early next week we have an appointment for examination. I hope, that we will get through it without any troubles. And hopefully we will be able to sleep in our own bed after this week.

Tomorrow, it get’s down to business. My first meeting with the new colleagues of the academy of visual arts will take place.

From the adventurous life in HK.

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2 Responses to Three days at Hong Kong without internet

  1. D says:

    life without an iphone….thats like living without my right arm 😉 but then again you can look forward to the iphone 4, ne 🙂
    hope things will settle quick for you guys.

  2. jop says:

    Congratulations for beeing back online!

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