About Kamp versus Kong

This is the blog of similarities and differences. We, Mariko Takagi and Jörg Petri, are both typographers, and are starting professorships at different universities. We have been in academic-teaching  for a while now, and are looking forward to our new full-time-teaching-challenge. Both of us moved for the job, with both of our partners, both of us will have to accustom to new cities. Both of us teach in english. But there are differences: Mariko will teach Hong Kong, a megacity with 7 million inhabitants, Jörg will teach in Kamp Lintfort, a place with 40.000 people. Mariko will join a university with a long tradition, Jörg will start together with the very first design students at a university that was founded 2009. We are very curious about the outcome of this endeavor, and want to let you know, what is going on in Kamp-Lintfort and Hong Kong.

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